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In the event of very poor weather conditions e.g. prolonged and heavy snowfall, please see our procedures below. 

Any decision to close the school will not be taken lightly, but sometimes this is inevitable, because many staff live some distance away and may not be able to travel into school.


If snow falls heavily overnight:

Kirklees will be giving information about school closures on their website:

We shall be keeping our website up-to-date too.

Radio Leeds (FM 92.4 or 95.3 or 103.9 or on MW 774) and Home FM 107.9 will be giving out
information in their ‘Snowline Information Service’ about which schools are closed.

In addition to informing the radio stations and the Kirklees website, we shall also be contacting you via our text messaging service.


If snow falls heavily during the day:

Children can be collected from school, but must be ‘signed out’ by class teachers. The usual arrangements apply if a different adult is collecting your child i.e. please inform school as
soon as possible.