Kirkroyds Lane, New Mill, HD9 1LS
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Our Governing Body

The governing body of New Mill Schools consists of up to 12 members, including representatives from the local community, parents and staff members. 

The full governing body meets approx six times each year.  In addition there are committees overseeing Resources and Health & Safety matters and those meet half termly or more regularly depending on the needs of the schools.

Contact our Governors.

If you wish to contact our Chair of Governors - Dawn Whiteley MBE- please leave a message with either of the school offices via the appropriate phone or email address found on our Contact page.

 Current Governors

Name Role Appointed By From To

Louise Armitage

Associate Governing Body 01/09/2022 01/09/2026

Evelyne Barrow

Executive Headteacher By virtue of office 01/01/2020  

Lynsey Bowker 

Co-opted Community  Governing Body  05/03/2024  04/03/2028

Louise Coffey

Parent Elected by parents 03/10/2022 02/10/2026

Adam Hesselden

Co-opted Community Governing Body  05/03/2024 04/03/2028

Michelle Ingoe

Staff Elected by staff 15/02/2022 14/02/2026

Susan Lavan

Staff Elected by staff 04/02/2022 03/02/2026

Benjamin Rowe

Co-opted Community Governing Body 01/01/2023 31/12/2026

Colin Somers

Co-opted Community Governing Body 16/03/2022 15/03/2026

Joe Taylor-Hannah

Co-opted Community Governing Body 29/06/2022 28/06/2026

Dawn Whiteley MBE (Chair)

Co-opted Community Governing Body 25/05/2022 24/05/2026

Mark Wilcox

Parent Elected by parents 24/02/2021 23/02/2025


Historic Governors (Left within the last 12 months)

Name Role Appointed by From To

Sarah Mann

Co-opted Community Governing Body 15/06/2021


Safa Qudah Co-opted Community Governing Body 03/07/2023