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Science Vision Statement

New Mill Infant School and New Mill Junior School recognise the importance of science in the modern world and the fact that children will need to acquire scientific literacy and critical thinking skills that are essential, not only for possible careers, but also to equip them to take their place in society as confident adults that can critically assess the world around them.

We aim to do this by building on children’s natural curiosity and knowledge of the world around them,
providing inspiring and challenging experiences in order to help them to secure and extend their scientific knowledge and vocabulary.

A scientist observes, questions, creates hypotheses, experiments, records data, and then analyses that data. We will encourage the children to feel they are finding out things for themselves so they will enjoy the ‘buzz’ of discovery and be problem solvers who persevere when the solution is not immediately apparent. As well as this, we will make links to other subjects through our holistic, topic-based curriculum.

Children will be taught about the impact that science has had on the world and to explicitly consider the moral, social and political issues that it can pose. We want to foster a spirit of diversity which shows the children that science is for everyone and to highlight the advances that have been made by people of different genders, religions and cultures.


New Mill Schools Science Overview



New Mill Schools Science Progression


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