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PE Vision statement

At New Mill Infant and Junior school our vision for Physical Education and Sport is that every child should have the opportunity to take part in physical activity on a regular basis and become more physically confident and competent. We hope that, through all the sporting opportunities and physical activity we offer, the children will develop a love and passion for sport and continue this into their later lives.

We aim to provide the children with at least 2 hours of fun, exciting and active PE lessons every week and to keep the children healthy and active every day with at least 30 minutes
of physical activity a day and by educating them on a healthy, balanced diet and lifestyle.

Each year, we are hopeful that children will have access to after school and before school clubs which will lead them on to joining sports teams in our local area. We also aim to use these clubs to help staff choose teams so children can represent our school at competitions in a range of different sports.

We aim to give all children the opportunity to lead sporting activities, organise games and events and learn to lead by example. By emphasising leadership, we hope the children learn the importance of communication, organisation, team work, resilience, perseverance and a respect for rules.


New Mill Schools PE Overview



New Mill Schools P.E Progression 


To see our PE Curriculum Overview, please click HERE.




New Mill Infant School had a very exciting visitor - Michael Churm - a Team GB Paralympic Athlete. Michael is a GB Paralympic Sprinter and competes in the T37 category. He made the finals in both the T37 100m and 200m in the 2008 Paralympic Games in Beijing. Michael's greatest high is winning his Paralympic silver medal and becoming European Champion. He was really looking forward to meeting everyone at the infants and sent them this message...