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MFL Vision Statement

At New Mill, we believe that learning a language helps pupils express thoughts and ideas in a wider context. It provides an opportunity for pupils to develop an international outlook, to better understand the world and their place in it. The programme of study for French opens with the following statement: “Learning a foreign language is a liberation from insularity and provides an opening to other cultures”. This is essential to prepare pupils to
be able to access exciting opportunities in the modern world. It links with our vision of the curriculum as a whole, which
is ‘to equip our children with the skills they require for successful and happy future lives’.

Learning another language through videos, songs, rhymes and stories enriches our pupils’ experiences of another culture. It enables them to reflect on personal and national identity, values and beliefs. Cultural stereotypes are challenged and similarities, as well as differences, are discovered and discussed.

In our French lessons we aim to nurture the confidence and courage needed to have a go and to participate. The lessons emphasis role-play and speaking in order to achieve this aim.

Cultural capital is developed within the curriculum through authentic videos and native speakers. Children also learn about French festivals and have the opportunity at the end of every year to produce a project about an aspect of French culture or a place in France. We also hold ‘French Day’ on Bastille Day where we give New Mill pupils the opportunity to immerse themselves in cultural activities that enhance their knowledge and cultural capital.

We believe that learning a language helps our pupils to look at ways language is constructed. This enhances their ability to use their native language as well as learning different ways that things are said or written.

Using the ilanguages scheme enables students and non-linguist teachers to learn French alongside each other and will provide a strong foundation for students to be able to build on at secondary school and beyond.

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