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Geography Vision Statement

From the moment we are born, it is our instinct to begin to explore our world around us with all our senses.

At New Mill Schools we feel it is important to nurture and encourage that natural curiosity, to shape and direct it to turn the children into inquisitive, questioning learners who look closely at the world around them and begin to be able to interpret what they see. As a whole school we look at countries around the world and learn about the similarities and differences between British culture and others. At New Mill Schools we believe that the children develop a knowledge and understanding of 'culture', and are able to gain the essential knowledge that they need to prepare themselves for their future success. We aim to give the children at New Mill Schools the best start to their early education and build strong foundations that will make a difference to their future. We give the children a wide variety of experiences so that they know about their own culture and can talk about its values and merits, coming to their own conclusions. The children are encourages to use their knowledge in situations they haven't encountered before.

At New Mill Schools we aim to instil in children a sense of environmental responsibility and encourage them to understand environmental issues at a local and global level. We have an Eco-Committee made up of two children from each class, who are beginning to look at important areas such as our energy efficiency and reducing litter around the school, as well as global issues. Running through all of our Geography work at New Mill Schools is the idea that we are motivating and inspiring our children to find out about their world, both physical and human, so that they can take an active part in contributing to and protecting this world as they grow up.

At New Mill Schools we teach Geography to inspire our pupils to have a curiosity and fascination about the world and its people. Geography builds a knowledge of the diverse places, people and resources. Therefore, allowing the children to have a greater understanding of the world in which they live. As pupils progress and develop their Geographical knowledge this will enable them to have an understanding about the interaction between the physical and human processes and of the formation and use of the different landscapes. We want the children to understand New Mill, their home, and how they can protect, preserve and develop their immediate surroundings for future generations.


As Geographers at New Mill Schools we want to be able to think for ourselves and take the initiative to ask questions, carry out our own investigations and work constructively with others.


New Mill Schools Geography Overview


New Mill Schools Geography Progression