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Computing Vision Statement

Computing is a creative and exciting part of our curriculum. At New Mill School children will develop confidence and competence through a progression of skills that will equip them for the world we live in, as digitally literate citizens. They will have opportunities to share their skill, talent and passion for the subject and have challenges and support to develop these further.

Through the five strands of our curriculum: Computer Science, Media, Data Handling, Information literacy and e-safeguarding children will enjoy developing both persistence and resilience in solving problems and finding solutions in their learning across the subject.

They will have a respectful, tolerant and empathetic approach to online behaviour along with the skills they need to deal with challenging situations that may arise. They will be able to articulate how to be safe online and how to have a positive impact in the online community.

Computing and the use of technology should be visible across the curriculum with children and staff able to apply their learning in the subject confidently and creatively in all subjects.


New Mill Schools Computing Overview



New Mill Schools Computing Progression 


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