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Art Vision Statement

At New Mill Schools we aim to teach art and design in an inspiring, creative and engaging way. Pupils are given the opportunity to develop their ability, thrive in their talents and interests and express their own thoughts and ideas. Our art curriculum aims to aspire and develop children’s confidence to experiment and create their own works of art.

Teachers at New Mill Schools are working alongside the Oak academy to plan and design exciting, challenging and captivating lessons. Our art lessons are full of rich vocabulary and knowledge so that pupils can build on what they already know. Lessons are sequenced so children can make meaningful connections and all activities are planned to be accessible to the needs of all pupils.

The children will have the opportunity to learn about artists from all different backgrounds: different cultures, different genders, different ethnicities and artists with disabilities. The artists that are studied within our school are celebrated and acknowledge for their own artwork and their unique and individual stories.

Supporting children’s love and joy for art across New Mill Schools is paramount to staff, we understand the importance of children being able to express their individuality and creative ideas in all their pieces of art work.

New Mill Schools Art Overview


New Mill Schools Art Progression